Population Aging

Alzheimer's Today

The continuing symposium for research, care, policy and education.

Conceptual Models Of Dementia

International Work Group to Establish an Ideal Theory on Dementia

This work group aims to re-assess all current ideas and well-documented facts on the origins of dementia working toward a future unifying "ideal theory". The work group will create: 1) a common frame work for cataloging and comparing different ideas and 2) use an interactive website to communicate, discuss and refine candidate new conceptual models of dementia.

Military Research

Despite life-saving advances in military medicine, much remains unknown about battlefield injuries. Nowhere is this more evident than studies of traumatic brain injury, chronic traumatic encephalopathy and post-traumatic stress. Evidence now suggests important linkages that may affect long-term brain health.


Brain Injuries Yield New Answers

An interview with author Ann McKee hosted by Philip Shane and Ara Khachaturian.